Sunday, December 14, 2014

Murano Collection from Soybu!

I am not a shopper. Not in any capacity. This is usually an activity that takes bribery of some sort...

Thankfully this year, I have partnered up with an incredible company, Soybu (click here to check out for yourself!)  that makes this process So. Much. Better. Why you ask? Because I look adorable in their clothes. Shopping is not enjoyable under the harsh lights at most stores, with that itty bitty little attendant helping you and telling you she has that SAME outfit and loves it! Of course she loves it she's adorable. Me? I ride horses for a living, Isabel (my groom....) cuts my hair at horse shows and I color it out of a box when I'm feeling SUPER adventurous.... So! Fashion has never been my strong suite. But with Soybu, this is no longer the case! My girlfriends in Chicago have even ask ME where I got my clothes ;) This is a first.

The best thing about Soybu (and especially the Murano collection this season) is that the clothes fit well for the fit people of the world. Too often, "fashionable" clothes only fit a certain body type, and all others, well, too bad. EVERYONE I know who's worn these clothes looks just so cute. Even when they're more loose fitting, they're still designed to lay well around your body.

For me though, the biggest test is how the clothes are to ride in. Since realistically this is all I do with my life. Here's a picture of me riding Busy Bea in the Hunter Derby in October wearing the adorable Athena Jacket in Black . This was perfect for those schooling shows where coats are waived, and for day to day riding in the spring and the fall! I wear a polo underneath and you are set and adorable.

Form fitting, slimming, and so classy. 

I also ADORE the Annalee Tunic. I was a little unsure as I normally stick to black, but I ordered this in a cute blue and I get compliments on this everywhere I go. The stretch is perfect for riding, with arms that are *Gasp* long enough! (and cute thumb holes! my favorite!) This is perfect for over a tank top or Under Armour to stay layered. 

Great fit, totally stays out of the way, and SO comfortable

While I don't know if I have a picture of it, I wear my Darling Coat nearly EVERY morning on cold horse show mornings. It's perfect, as it's cozy to layer, keeps myself and my breeches clean with it's awesome length, and zips up from the bottom which is perfect for riding in! 

The last of the Murano Collection that I have currently is the Rhonda Sweater! I LOVE this sweater as something that can easily transition from wearing out to Coffee with friends to throw under a jacket and ride in all winter. Cute, comfortable, and so practical.

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