Friday, October 17, 2014

Soybu - Love it.

As a rider, I certainly struggle with finding time to sit down and write a blog during the competition season. It seams like all I have time to do is ride, drink coffee, and drive. However this year, I did make a big effort to work on spending more time on my personal fitness and having a more well rounded life. (read : perhaps sleep? See friends? Find out if my boyfriend did in fact still enjoy dinner?) 

One of the major things that I have taken up this year has been meditation and yoga, thanks to the inspiration of one of my lovely owners, Barb P, a true Yogi herself ;) 

In this, I found Soybu. Want to know the best part? I use all my yoga clothes for riding as well!! And traveling, as I think most of my year is spent in a car. As someone who's not really skinny, but not really fat, but sort of fit, looking for clothes of any style, well is miserable. I find myself constantly tugging, pulling, judging and never quite comfortable. 

But thanks to a friends suggestion, I ordered a pair of Soybu yoga pants and have never looked back, and I am THRILLED to be a Community Leader for such a fantastic brand now! Not only were the pants comfortable, flattering and all and all wonderful, but after a year of (a LOT) of wear, they still look brand new. 

As riders, we spend a tremendous amount of time focusing on what our horses need, fitting them up for their next competition, why not spend some time focusing on yourself and your own fitness? It doesn't matter if it's something as simple as stretching, crunches and push ups in the morning, get yourself in to a routine to make your self the best rider you can! 

If you're looking for clothing you can wear one day to the barn and the next week for your run down the beach, or to the coffee shop with friends, look no further. Soybu clothes fit seamlessly into my life, and are my go to favorites by far. 

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