Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mykonos Collection from Soybu

Each season, Soybu comes out with a new selection of adorable clothes. As someone who is just coming out of the 'I'll just throw this t-shirt on" and stepping into the "Well I might actually put a whole outfit together" I have to say I'm absolutely in love with this latest collection!


Besides always being so Incredibly comfortable, these clothes wear SO well. I mean like the kind of comfortable that you could happily travel for hours in the truck and not look like you've spent 24 hours in a truck kind of comfortable. 

For me, the priority is always clothes I can ride in, and this adorable zip up, (The Jacinda in black) is just perfect! Form fiting, yet flexible enough to make a perfect spring layer for South Carolina weather. 

I also got the Peace Jacket, which I CONSTANTLY am getting compliments on, for both its form fitting type and for the adorable design on the back! 

HIGHLY recommend to all of my clients to check out the cutest clothes on the market for active wear! 

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